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Who Are You - Really?

2016-09-26 08:06:01

Flying back from Fredericton, New Brunswick this weekend after speaking about Exercise and Brain Health, as well as doing a book signing, https://www.amazon.ca/Dont-Wimp-Raise-Strong-Leader-ebook/dp/B01JP00ROY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1470510049&sr=8-2&keywords=don%27t+be+a+wimp, I was inspired to think of the different roles we play in life.

Gold Fish Survives Surgery

2016-09-19 09:15:44

A recent article from Australia reports on the successful operation on a gold fish to remove a small pebble that was blocking his/her throat. The delicate surgery cost the owner of the “pet” some $500.

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