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How Do You Relax?

2015-07-27 10:31:28

This time of the year we are in the business of taking time off to relax, rejuvenate our energies, recharge our brain and spend valuable time with family or friends. It can be very difficult to suddenly shut down, avoid emails or the rush of deadlines. I often recommend that you gradually wind down before vacation then wind back up before you return. Here are some activities and things I do to relax when on vacation that may help you as well.

How Technology has Failed Us

2015-07-20 10:26:17

It was supposed to be, and still is touted as, the saviour to learning and education. Access to technology and real time information was to transform learning for our children at school and yourself at work or play. For those with access to the internet and a reasonable computer, most learning is at our finger tips so to speak. But in many areas, technology has harmed, not helped, us. Schools and workplaces are slow to change and here are some of the problems.

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