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Living with Chronic Pain

Exercise for Pain?

2014-06-10 09:19:50

Hurting yourself by pulling or tearing a muscle often requires rest and rehabilitation. Chronic pain which has as its’ start a physical injury just like the muscle tear, will get more painful if you rest too long.

The Pain Isn’t in Your Head

2014-05-26 09:31:48

Your pain is real. Chronic pain is a puzzling and often frustrating illness to treat. It starts often with an acute injury that may get a bit better over time, but then improvement just stops. Your shoulder starts to feel better after surgery, the surgeon did a great job, but it still hurts.

The ADHD Fix News / Blog

Government Supports “Safer” Crack Smoking

2014-07-30 09:36:14

I am embarrassed to tell you about this. I still can’t believe our precious health care dollars are being spent on teaching people to smoke crack and use other drugs in a safer manner. It’s true. It’s called harm reduction. Having ADHD can mean that you or a family member may turn to self-medication to control some of your symptoms.

Having Problems Focusing at Work?

2014-07-28 09:36:32

Getting the most out of your work day can be challenging for many reasons. Constant emails, un-announced meetings, distracted environments to name a few, can have a significant impact on your productivity. Working for someone else or yourself in your own business means you need specific strategies and structures to stay focused.


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