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Sport Concussion

Sport Concussion


Recovery Support Blog

Where Do I Start?

2016-03-15 09:46:40

Often times when I meet with individuals seeking support for dealing with their addicted loved ones, it is as if they are in the midst of a chaotic storm, spinning in circles, struggling to find a starting point at which to take back their lives. I wanted to simplify the first steps to getting your life back on track when dealing with an addicted loved one.

“I’m not addicted, I only use on the weekends!”

2016-02-24 14:09:36

Does someone have an addiction if they only use on the weekends? Do they have a problem if they still go to work during the week? Whether it’s a friend, sibling, husband/wife, co-worker or yourself that uses every weekend, here are a few questions to ask yourself/propose to your loved one to see if a problem exists.

The ADHD Fix News / Blog

Exercise May Aid in Concussion Recovery

2016-05-02 10:23:00

Traditionally, athletes who experience a concussion are advised to rest and not do cognitive or physical tasks until symptoms of dizziness, inattention, nausea and sensitivity to light are resolved. Recent research, however, suggests that other than the first few days after injury, it may be beneficial to get involved in cardiovascular activity because more oxygenated blood is sent to the brain to aid in recovery. This makes sense at many levels, but we don’t have enough research to tell us what types of

Why Failure is So Important

2016-04-25 09:21:01

Just yesterday I was on my favourite stream trying to land a very nice steelhead that had just hit my small fly. As I was fighting the fish, enjoying every minute, I started wondering if I would release him or keep him for a cooking show episode (if I catch one, I usually eat one trout a year). Well no sooner had the thought hit me of how I would prepare the dinner, then the trout broke off my line. Had I tried to bring him in too quickly? Had I tied a bad knot? Did I forget to check the line for any f

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