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What Does it Cost to Treat ADHD?

2015-04-27 11:40:02

Once diagnosed with ADHD, you need to investigate the next step in the treatment process. There are “medical” model types of treatments and “self-help” types of treatments. The medical model of treatment means something is done to you, or you take something to fix the problem. For ADHD, the improvement with medication for example only lasts as long as the medication is working. When it wears off, the symptoms return or may even be more severe than before the medication was taken. The Self-Help model m

Study Shows Link Between Childhood Stress and Type 1 Diabetes

2015-04-22 10:45:02

A new study suggests that there may be a link between stressful childhood events and the development of type 1 diabetes. The Swedish study included over 10,000 families, all with children between the ages of two and 14 who were not yet diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As they followed these families, they noted certain stressful situations for the children, such as the parents divorcing or the death of a family member, and they found that the children who went through these traumatic situations were almost

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