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ADHD Retirement

2016-02-01 10:52:21

Retirement is something many look forward to when in the working world. The thought of doing what you want when you want without having to worry about your boss, clients or money can be inspiring. Often retirement is thought of as a financial accomplishment, finally having enough money to leave the work life to complete luxury and freedom. Initially there is that jubilation of being away from the 9-5, but the reality can quickly hit that you are spinning. With ADHD, work life provides structure. You ar

Why Children Kill? Trying to Understand La Loche

2016-01-25 11:56:18

The tragedy of the shootings in La Loche, Saskatchewan is an event that is difficult to understand. Many of us want to know what happened so that we can prevent such future tragedy to happen again anywhere in Canada. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple question. There are two general types of research or inquiry by social scientists, but you need to be careful when you consider what you likely will hear in the days to come. Some will point to poverty, lack of opportunity, possible mental health issues or a

Recovery Support Blog

New Year, New You?

2016-01-19 10:12:05

As cliché as it sounds, the new year for most of us brings on the desire to make changes in our life. Be it to improve our health, quit bad habits, improve relationships or career advancement, changes must happen in order to achieve the goal.

How to Cope with Drinking over the Holidays

2015-12-15 13:51:48

Do you have an aunt or uncle that gets completely loaded at Christmas Day dinner? Maybe a cousin who gets so drunk he becomes vulgar on Christmas Eve? Or maybe a grandparent who sits quietly throughout the night as he puts back a case of beer? Whatever the case may be in your family, I think it’s safe to say every family has members that ‘indulge’ with alcohol during the holidays more than others.

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