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Why Schools MUST Help Your ADHD Child

2014-11-24 10:15:10

You’ve taken the time and spent your hard-earned dollars to have your child properly assessed for ADHD, and the conclusion in the report supports your instincts. Your child has ADHD. You also learn that your child has a gifted potential that is being hampered by these ADHD symptoms. You triumphantly take the comprehensive report to the school, and the principal looks you in the eye and tells you there is nothing they have to do to help your child. They tell you that your child isn’t struggling enough, o

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

2014-11-17 09:26:26

Living in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and driving down rural roads, I’ve noticed many farmers harvesting their crops late into the night. Coming from a farm family, I learned very early when it’s sunny you need to make hay as they say. Farmers today will work as long as they can each day, often 14 or more hours, then sleep and eat at times on the field and start the cycle all over again until the crops are harvested. There is no such thing as work-life balance for a farmer when it is fall harvest time.

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