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Be Careful When Experts Tell You to Do Something

2016-10-17 08:48:16

In getting ready for work today, I watched the CBC discuss the issue of a 4-year-old child getting the wrong prescription for his ADHD and other behavioural difficulties from a drug store: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/4-year-old-given-10-times-the-right-dose-of-antipsychotic-drug-1.3801461. The prescription mistake is scary to most of us, but the other question you have to ask is what led to a 4-year-old being diagnosed as having ADHD in the first place and given an anti-psychotic medication?

Why Giving Thanks Matters with ADHD

2016-10-11 10:12:15

Most of us are pretty much experts at picking out what is wrong with something. You eat some food and it tastes pretty good, but it could be warmer or the service could be better. You appreciate living in a country such as Canada or the United States, but quickly you can pick out problems with a road, or school system or politician. With ADHD, the temptation is also to look at problems and not give thanks for those gifts that come with it. So here is my list. If you have ADHD, once things get worked ou

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