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New Findings in Non-Medication Treatment for ADHD

2014-10-20 09:47:23

If you or your child have been diagnosed with ADHD you likely considered, or are considering, the use of medication to help with symptoms. A recent research article points to the ongoing effective use of EEG biofeedback to improve concentration and academic performance. The September publication of The Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment suggests that the use of biofeedback for the treatment of ADHD is suggested by the research. It is also thought

ADHD Time Wasting

2014-10-07 10:44:45

One of the symptoms we often see with ADHD is the activity that has little purpose. A child will move from 5 minutes of Lego, to 2 minutes of drawing, to 3 minutes of watching something on TV, and then something else. It will seem like activity without purpose and a constant whirlwind of movement. As you age with ADHD the activity in your mind may replace those physical movements that at times seem to have no purpose. You move from one project to another without finishing anything hurting your self-este

Living with Chronic Pain

Exercise for Pain?

2014-06-10 09:19:50

Hurting yourself by pulling or tearing a muscle often requires rest and rehabilitation. Chronic pain which has as its’ start a physical injury just like the muscle tear, will get more painful if you rest too long.

The Pain Isn’t in Your Head

2014-05-26 09:31:48

Your pain is real. Chronic pain is a puzzling and often frustrating illness to treat. It starts often with an acute injury that may get a bit better over time, but then improvement just stops. Your shoulder starts to feel better after surgery, the surgeon did a great job, but it still hurts.


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