Living with Chronic Pain

5 Lies about Concussions They Never Tell You

2014-11-03 10:47:12

This past week I spent some time communicating with two world experts on traumatic brain injury and concussion. Both have researched and published extensively in the field of concussion assessment and treatment. One of the experts, Dr. Robert Thatcher, conducted the first known study of professional living football players and their brain images utilizing a qEEG and brain SPECT imaging. The following points are my own based on my conversation with the experts and review of the literature this past week.

Why NO One Wants to Take Concussions Seriously (Part 2)

2014-10-27 10:58:13

This blog was initially published in August. Sadly as was witnessed on Saturday at the college football game in London, Ontario, no one appears to be taking concussions seriously. The star quarterback was played a week earlier just 2 weeks after suffering a reported concussion. That should never have happened. On Saturday, 3 weeks after the initial concussion, he was knocked out cold on the field. A second preventable brain injury appears to be the result. Unfortunately, it continues to appear that no

Exercise for Pain?

2014-06-10 09:19:50

Hurting yourself by pulling or tearing a muscle often requires rest and rehabilitation. Chronic pain which has as its’ start a physical injury just like the muscle tear, will get more painful if you rest too long.

The Pain Isn’t in Your Head

2014-05-26 09:31:48

Your pain is real. Chronic pain is a puzzling and often frustrating illness to treat. It starts often with an acute injury that may get a bit better over time, but then improvement just stops. Your shoulder starts to feel better after surgery, the surgeon did a great job, but it still hurts.